In Defense of America's Silent Majority, the Maligned White Male

The Face of the DNC

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The assault on whites continues. Race baiting that used to be played out behind closed doors is becoming all more flagrant as the climate under Obama is becoming one in which time and time again we are seeing that the protections afforded to a people by political correctness only apply if we are talking about a minority people. In fact, it is becoming en vogue to slander whites.

In the video below, DNC Vice-Chairwoman and Socialist Donna Brazile speaks at the Aspen Institute, unleashing a torrent of presumptuous generalizations about what “white people” think.

Ironic, I know, since I’m sure that she, as a disenfranchined “African-American,” would take great umbrage to a white person daring to… first, categorize “black people” as monolithic in their thinking, and secondly to presume to judge the motivations of black voters.

Yet this is exactly what Donna Brazile does to whites. Whites in America are supposed to think that black voters are highly varied in their opinions and their voting choices are issue-centric. Never mind the elephant in the room: no matter how badly Obama’s policies drive up unemployment, the deficit and how much he embarasses the country in foreign policy, his approval among blacks stays consistently above 90%. If this is diversity of opinion, who needs unity?

Here’s the face of the Old-Guard of the Donkey Party, Vice-Chairwoman of the DNC:

As if she wasn’t bad enough, here is her new side-kick, Debbe Wasserman Schultz, the new Chairwoman of the DNC. The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree:

To describe her as a moron would be too obvious.

Donna, did you ever think it could be these race-baiting comments by members of your party that are disenchanting white voters?


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June 7, 2011 at 10:37 pm

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June 7, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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